Our Story

Our team was born 2 years ago when Mike and Luka (Founders of GameixCase) were playing Call Of Duty on Mike's Xbox. Luka kept losing and blaming the controller who slipped his hand, being hot in summer.

That's when Mike came up with the revolutionary idea to create his own custom controller case. When he told Luka what he was going to do, he joked about it without thinking too much.

But after a few days when he saw that Mike had already assembled a team of designers and artists, he realized how serious the job was. They both started to dedicate themselves 100% to the project.

Since then and until now quite a long time has passed, many things have changed. The greatest achievements were made on the controller cover. We have made many changes, from materials to colors and designs, everything to reach the perfect case for the controller.

In the future we intend to develop other products, many other cases for other types of controllers, cases for phones and laptops. But there will still be many changes and the realization of the basic product.

GameixCase has gone from a summer project to a company that has changed the gaming experience of over 2,500 gamers around the world. We intend to reach 10,000+ satisfied gamers by the end of 2022.